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Thomas Ritteman

Chief Analyst


Role & Values

My career leading up to Valor Victoria has focused on analytics and agricultural commodities, forecasting US crop production. Ashley and I made an agreement early on to help each other pursue big dreams: hers being Valor Victoria and mine to operate a first-generation grain farm. I'm happy to say that today we're doing both. As Valor Victoria grew, the workload and data needs became a full-time position. Today my role as Chief Analyst has oversight of the data, pricing, and operational components of Valor Victoria.


Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family - Ashley and I stay occupied with our children. We live in our home state of North Dakota where, on the farm, we grow wheat, soybeans, canola, barley, and flax. So when I'm not immersed in container data and railroad schedules, I'm soaking up the quiet, simple life on the farm.

Thomas Ritteman
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