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Ashley Ritteman



Role & Values

My passion for rail networks began when studying the inland flows of international containers as a graduate student. I knew there had to be a way to reduce cost for importers while driving capacity into the hands of exporters. I am blessed to have turned this passion into a business and now have a great team that has come alongside this vision, making it even greater. I serve as Valor Victoria's CEO and co-founder. My time is largely spent doing the things I love most; developing new business opportunities, understanding our customer and vendor needs and visions for growth, and finding new ways to support the amazing Valor Victoria team.


Outside of professional passions, my life is dedicated to family. Meghan and I started Valor Victoria with the goal of 'having it all.' We believe that with the right people around you it's possible to be a working professional while not compromising at home. Thomas and I have two beautiful babies, and in 2020 we started pursuing Thomas' life-long dream of operating a grain farm. Most often you'll find us with tired eyes and full hearts.

Ashley Ritteman
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