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Adam Swift

VP Operations


Role & Values

Moving freight is a team sport, and I'm fortunate to be part of the best team in the business. As VP of Operations for Valor Victoria I support our customers, vendors, and team with servant leadership. The goal of the Valor Victoria operations team is to solve the toughest logistical problems. We believe in using data to measure performance and identify where we can improve our systems. People are the key to our business and we believe treating our customers, vendors, and team with honesty, empathy, and respect makes containers move. Simply put, we deliver containers not excuses.


I believe the best part of any job is the team you're on, and I've been fortunate to be on some great ones. I learned about servant leadership in the US Army as an infantryman occasionally living in a shipping container (we called it a conex). I learned about safety, human resources, and accounting from steelworkers at Nucor. And I learned how to use data and lead large organizations at Amazon. My favorite team is my home team, though. I cherish taking my children camping to explore the world, biking through Minnesota winters, and trying to learn woodworking.

Adam Swift
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